About Us
Turonic is a fresh new brand in the consumer electronics market.
The main point of Turonic is a life quality improvement. We are designing and manufacturing a whole range of products for home, kitchen, health and fitness.
Turonic products are made with care and for people’s care.

Our mission is to provide comfort, safety, confidence and stability. We are promoting ourselves as a people-oriented brand, dedicated to bringing life-changing products to our customers.

We are focused on practicality and value. Our goal is to deliver the best quality products at an affordable price, thanks to the high-grade components that are assembled into the perfect quality designs. We are always relying on our consumer’s loyalty, that is why we are making our products just better and better. Further, we are going to cover as many of the retail platforms that we can, as well as making products for people’s life improvement.

Turonic Brand - is a team of enthusiasts, that care about self-development to be proactive, fast and smart, driving our vision forward. We want to create something important, to infuse our creativity into developing brand new technologies. We are building products that help people to improve their lives, and we are proud of our achievements and the goods we make.
Our Brands
Turonic Brand is part of the Productech brand portfolio
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